Bench Tops

Bench Tops

Be Natural

Stone bench tops look great. There are natural stone options that are surprisingly affordable, and for natural stone we exclusively use Pacific Stone as our supplier. 

Thing is, the just-the-right granite bench top can be quite costly and a great alternative is engineered stone. The engineered stone options available today provide the same dazzling new look for less than the cost of granite. Engineered stone is simply the bringing together of natural stone and technology, which provides the ultimate work surface. By combining compressed natural stone with a very hard-wearing colour-matched resin, engineered stone - which is made up of approximately 90% natural granite and stone - has similar use characteristics to natural stone!

Equally important, all the engineered stone products we use come with a 10-year warranty.

A mere 7 mm thick engineered stone fits right over your existing laminate bench top. This means that your existing bench top remains usable while we lacquer your cabinets. It also means that your new bench top won’t be noticeably higher than your existing bench top and will naturally fit perfectly flush to walls and cabinets.

Our experience shows that we can install an engineered stone bench top in one day for an average-sized kitchen, office or shop, so there’s minimal disruption while we fit your striking new bench top.  We feature engineered stone in a wide range of colours from the leading international supplier - Trend Superior Surfaces - which provides a tremendous choice of hues and textures to choose from,  and suit any kitchen, bathroom, shop or office’s colour scheme.

Engineered stone is a fantastic choice for benchtops but it can also be an economical alternative to tiles whether on your floors or walls!  How about a table top to match another surface in your kitchen, shop or office?

Combining the versatility of natural or engineered stone and your creativity the possibilities are almost endless.