Unlimited Choice: Update Colours for a Fresh Look

Lacquering your cabinets opens a wealth of kitchen transformation possibilities. The endless range of colours available from KITCHENMAKEOVER.CO.NZ can be combined with a variety of finishes for an almost infinite number of options. Stylish as it is, lacquer is also a hard-wearing paint with the durability and ease of maintenance you want for your hard-working kitchen, bathroom, shop or office.

Our qualified painters begin the cabinet, drawer and panel painting process by filling the holes from your existing hardware with appropriate filler and then sanding.  This includes handle holes if you’re replacing handles... in fact, the majority of makeovers we do include updating with contemporary handles, which, when combined with a colour change results in an even more striking look. All surfaces are prepared thoroughly using appropriate primer to help the lacquer adhere to the existing surface.

Once dry we then apply one or more lacquer topcoats, depending on the gloss level required. As experienced painters we know how critical it is for paint to dry properly before moving on to the next layer. If required, we then polish the lacquered surfaces to give them an extraordinarily high gloss.

For components we can’t remove to our shop we do it all on-site using our fully-equipped van. After you have prepared your kitchen, shop or office by removing drawer contents and items on benches we mask the area and use drop-cloths to protect the work area We follow the same procedure for the on-site surfaces and when done, leave the work area clean and tidy

Many clients also consider minor alterations or small additions to make their kitchen that little bit more functional and magnify the fresh new look of their kitchen.