Splash Backs

The Art of Beautiful Glass

Coloured and painted glass have become one of the most popular choices for kitchens, bathrooms and commercial interiors.  Not only can glass be coloured a bold red, a subtle blue or painted with an energetic metallic it can also be matched with a digital images or a variety of finishes, paint applications and glass textures to deliver a unique effect.

The absence of grouting as with tiles makes glass incredibly functional. Offering a smooth modern look with clean lines glass is easy to clean and very hygienic, and combined with durability and heat resistance glass adds that WOW factor and turns an otherwise beautiful kitchen into a stunning kitchen.

A glass splashback is installed without holes or screws yet it can be cut so you don’t have to move power points or other fixtures. Plus, with its smooth surface glass doesn’t have grooves or channels for grease, grime or dirt to hide in.

A glass splash back can have a sophisticated or fun contemporary look and bring a very artistic touch to your kitchen, bathroom or office or shop. Because of the infinite colour and painting options a glass splashback can be made to suit any room – from a more traditional look in a period home to an avant-garde look for the most contemporary shop or office.

Painted glass creates a stunning focal point and offers a tremendous number of design ideas for kitchens, bathrooms and commercial interiors.  Choosing just the right painted or coloured glass can truly make your makeover unique.

More information on the latest developments in painted and coloured glass is available at  GlassArt.