In today’s economy everyone is watching what they spend.  Thing is, time marches on and the condition of your kitchen, shop/office cabinets, shelving, furniture and surfaces deteriorate … and can look tired and quite dated. The effort, cost and disruption that go along with a replacement are often daunting.

There is another option: a makeover.  What is a makeover? 

We used to call it restoration or refurbishing but quite simply it’s transforming your existing cabinetry, fixtures, fittings and furniture into beautiful new-looking cabinetry, fixtures, fittings and furniture using high-quality lacquer and complementary surface materials where it makes sense. And because we make over existing cabinetry, fixtures and furniture we can professionally and quickly rejuvenate them without the disruption or bother of replacements – at substantially less cost.  And, a makeover can be completed faster than you might think!

Our craftsmen combine top quality materials with years of experience to meet the individual requirements of each Client to ensure your expectations are met.

Our 5-step process begins with a visit to meet with you.

  1. During our visit we discuss the incredible number of colours and variety of options available to find out exactly how you would like to rejuvenate what’s there.  We then measure your existing kitchen (or other makeover project) and complete this first step by preparing and sending you a quote. We make sure that we estimate the cost of each major component of the makeover for clarity. For example, with a kitchen makeover we quote on the lacquering, the bench-top and back splash components separately - which is helpful should you want to complete your makeover in phases. Naturally we are happy to answer all questions and clarify anything that may be unclear at this point.
  2. Upon your acceptance of the quote we move to our second step which is to discuss the timing of your makeover and schedule the work. Payment of the deposit is required at this step.  If your makeover includes a bench top and a glass splashback we will re-visit to make templates that will be used to get them right, and the benchtop and backsplash materials are then ordered.
  3. Our third step is to remove as much of your makeover project - for example, cabinet doors, draw fronts and panels - as we can to work on at our shop.
  4. The forth step is where the bulk of the makeover occurs and is comprised of several activities that we usually do at the same time:
    • Make any alterations, as required and approved.
    • Prepare and lacquer the removed items at our shop.
    • Prepare and lacquer any items on-site that could not be removed.
    • The engineered stone benchtop is fabricated and installed during this step, if selected.
    • New handles are ordered, if selected
  5. Our fifth and final step is to re-install your amazing-looking kitchen or other project, including existing or new hardware. If selected,the bench top and the glass splash back are also installed during this step although on a separate day to ensure the installations don’t interfere with each other. Payment of the balance outstanding is due within one week of the installation.