About Us

About Us

C Joiner.pngWho do we work for?

Home-owners with dated or tired kitchens, property owners with a rental unit kitchen nightmare, or home-sellers that need that bit extra to make their property stand out.

Insurers with kitchen refurbishing claims routinely use us to give new life to existing kitchens of all styles and sizes.

If you are a first home buyer you can add real value to your property with a kitchen makeover, we can help you stretch that budget as far as you can!

Our Philosophy

We don’t suggest replacing components of your kitchen if there’s nothing wrong with them. In fact, we fill in holes and minor damage to give your cabinetry a smooth surface, that’s then professionally prepared and lacquered to look as good as new.

No one knows up-to-date trends and how to improve your existing kitchen more than us and having now completed hundreds of kitchen makeovers we know how to deliver a magnificent looking kitchen quickly and economically. Today the term is kitchen makeover rather than kitchen refurb, but they're really two ways of saying the same thing: transforming your existing kitchen into a stunning kitchen using the same high-quality materials and fittings found in a designer kitchen. And the keyword to notice is "existing".

Combining hard-wearing and long-lasting 2-pot lacquer with the high-quality, fashionable, engineered stone benchtops and glass splashbacks now available provides a very cost-effective alternative to a full kitchen replacement. We have developed the proven methods to makeover your existing kitchen and save you thousands compared to a replacement ... and can usually have your lacquered kitchen back to you in 10 days.

Plus, we can help with minor alterations however we don’t manufacture new kitchens. Why? Simply because we know our specialty is rejuvenating and modernising functioning kitchens at huge savings. We believe in the saying “Don’t fix what isn’t broken.” Why pay for new doors or drawer fronts if the ones you have are fine but just need a new finish?

A great thing about our kitchen makeover is that you don’t have to do it all at once. You can refresh your kitchen in stages or all-at-once: re-paint cabinets with beautiful lacquer, replace your benchtop, and add sparkle with a glass splashback.

Kitchenmakeover.co.nz uses qualified specialists and quality control standards to ensure that every client ends up with a fantastic kitchen and an easy makeover experience. No one has more experience providing top-quality kitchen renovations and makeovers using just-the-right 2-pot lacquer colours and fashionable yet durable products.

Let kitchenmakeover.co.nz help you get value for money and an amazing looking kitchen!

Our Partners

As well as being a PPG Certified Applicator we work with a carefully chosen group of partners - click through below for more information about them.



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