Our Process

Our Process

Our Process

The process is designed to be engaging and enjoyable, we appreciate redeveloping your kitchen is a major decision, and you only want to go through the process once, so we bring our experience to the project and we're there with you every step of the way!


The first meeting

Setting the scene

We will discuss with you what you have in mind for your makeover, then measure your existing kitchen, take some photos and complete this first step by preparing and sending you a quote.
We make sure that we include the cost of each major component of the makeover for clarity.
For example, with a kitchen makeover we quote on the lacquering, the bench-top, sink and back splash components separately - which is helpful should you want to complete your makeover in phases.

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We provided the detailed quote

Upon acceptance...

Upon your acceptance of the quote we will discuss the timing of your makeover and schedule the work. Payment of the deposit is required at this step.
This is the time to start thinking more about the colours and the overall look you are after; we have samples to help you make a choice and a visit to our showroom is advised.
If your makeover includes new bench tops we will re-visit to make templates that will be used to get them right, then the benchtop materials are ordered.

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Out with the old...

We start with the removal

Our qualified cabinet maker will remove as much of your makeover project - for example, cabinet doors, drawer fronts and panels - as he can, for us to work on at our shop. Your kitchen is still perfectly usable at this stage with the cabinets and bench top in place, and our clients actually find it a good time to de-clutter...if required!

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This is the behind the scenes stage

Work is carried out on site and in the shop

The forth step is where the bulk of the makeover occurs and is comprised of several activities that we usually do around the same time:
Make any alterations, as required and approved.
Prepare and lacquer the removed items at our shop.
Prepare and lacquer any items on-site that could not be removed.
New handles & sink are ordered, if selected.

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Where you see the magic

In with the new!

Our fifth and final step is to re-install your amazing-looking kitchen, including cabinetry alterations and existing or new hardware. If selected, your old bench top will be removed and the new bench top will be installed all in a day, then the glass splash back will be templated to insure an exact fit then installed at a later date.

Payment of the balance outstanding is due within one week of the installation.

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And tell your friends

Please give us your feedback!

We are always keen to see what you thought about the process, most of our works comes from word of mouth referrals, so please feel free to let us know how you found the project! We really appreciate your business and we pride ourselves on providing the highest possible levels of service.

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We can do this for you

We treat every project like it was our own, you will get an awesome result with minimal disruption AND save money, how good is that!