Transformation complete


Transformation complete

Medium Kitchens

The project was so easy! Lindsay came and took out the old kitchen with amazing attention to detail, and a bit of strength as he took out the oven by himself! It went back in pretty easily and like the rest of the kitchen it was perfectly functional while the job was in progress.

It is a bit strange at first, opening drawers without drawers and seeing the back of the dishwasher, but really once you get used to it there's no issue at all, so I would back up the info that there is minimal disruption while the makeover is in progress.

You can use everything and the plates don't fall out when you open the drawers! It takes longer than you might anticipate when the kitchen is dismantled and put back together, there's a lot of work that we, as customers, don't consider - like making sure everything is labelled, all the screws are kept in separate containers so nothing can't be reattached easily!

The quality is exceptional too, the kitchen really looks brand new, because the front facing parts are painted - lacquered - to a higher quality than the original, so now the kitchen looks better than it ever did, and I can imagine it will still look great for years to come.

Thanks for all the hard work

John, Pyes Pa